Your Office Visit

Your paperwork will need to be completed either at home or in our office prior to your appointment. After this, a nurse will greet you, take your vitals, and place you into a consultation room. Next, a Neurosurgical Mid-level will meet you, review your medical history, perform a physical exam and review imaging and testing. If further imaging or work up is necessary, the mid-level will request you complete this prior to meeting the physician at a follow up appointment. It is important for the physician to have all imaging and work ups complete prior to seeing you, so the best decisions can be made about your medical treatment.

The physician will undergo a thorough evaluation and explain available treatment options. Together you will coordinate a plan for your future care.

Please bring the following to your appointments:

– Insurance card(s)

– A list of all current medications and allergies

– A list of all previous health problems and surgeries

– Required Co-pay

– Any referral or preauthorization paperwork for your visit

– Workers Compensation Claim Number (if work comp)

– Any registration paperwork that has been mailed to you or downloaded from our website.

– Any x-ray, MRI or CT that has been given to you on a disc