Our Doctors

Dr. Brandon Kelly

Dr. Brandon Kelly is a highly trained board-certified Neurosurgeon. He is the premier brain tumor and spinal deformity Neurosurgeon in the region. Dr. Kelly graduated from the New York University School of Medicine. He completed his Neurosurgery residency and fellowship in spinal surgery at Virginia Commonwealth University and then went on to his Neurosurgical oncology fellowship at the City of Hope National Medical Center in Los Angeles. Dr. Kelly is the only Neurosurgeon in east Idaho with specialized training in tumors of the central nervous system.

Dr. Kelly believes that optimal care involves spending extra time with each patient to form a partnership so together they can discuss a diagnosis, treatment options and expectations. He strongly believes most people do not need surgery to manage their spinal problems and works hard to provide patient-centered care that maximizes non-surgical therapies. Dr. Kelly has a broad skill set spanning from complex spinal reconstruction surgeries to minimally invasive techniques to optimize a plan of care for each patient’s unique circumstance. His expertise also includes the management of malignant and benign brain and spinal tumors.

Dr. Kelly joined Idaho Neurosurgery and Spine in 2012 and has fallen in love with the Idaho outdoors. Dr. Kelly and his family are proud to call East Idaho home.

Dr. John Dickinson

Dr. Dickinson is the newest addition to our practice, relocating to Idaho with his family in July 2018. Dr. Dickinson is also a Board Certified Neurosurgeon and he brings the latest procedures and Neurosurgical techniques from his recent training. Dr. Dickenson earned his undergraduate degree from Bingham Young University in Provo, Utah. He then graduated from the Pacific Northwest in Yakima Washington with Honors. During his time as a medical student, he completed his clinical clerkships in Eastern Idaho, cementing his bond to our area. He has recently graduated from Neurosurgery training at the Advocate Bromenn Medical Center in Normal, Illinois.

Dr. Dickinson focuses on minimally invasive spinal surgery, image-guided spinal surgery, neck and back reconstruction, and decompression. He enjoys forming a professional relationship with his patients looking at all possible avenues of treatment prior to considering surgery. He brings to East Idaho many new and fresh approaches to the treatment of Neurosurgical diseases.

Dr. Dickinson has strong familial ties to East Idaho and believes living and practicing in a location with solid family values will serve him as a husband, father, and physician. He and his family love being involved in the local community and the many outdoor activities that East Idaho has to offer. Dr. Dickinson enjoys boating and hiking with his family.

Dr. Clark Allen

Dr. Clark Allen is a highly experienced, board-certified Neurosurgeon. He has practiced in Idaho since 2000, building a network of satisfied patients and gaining the trust of his medical colleagues. As one of the most highly trained and experienced Neurosurgeons in the region, Dr. Allen offers unparalleled Neurosurgical care.

Dr. Allen graduated medical school and performed his residency at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, Virginia. Dr. Allen focuses on minimally invasive spinal surgery, artificial disk technology, and reconstructive and revision neck and back surgery. Although Dr. Allen’s surgical skills are unmatched, he prefers to focus on a more conservative approach with patients, exhausting every avenue before offering surgery.

Dr. Allen prefers to spend quality time with his patients during visits in order to explore the full extent of the problem and options. Dr. Allen works closely with you to determine the best possible treatment options for your lifestyle.

Dr. Allen is fully invested in East Idaho and enjoys time with his family participating in all that Idaho has to offer.